About The Committee

The ADIANS UAS Committee is a working sub-group of the ADIANS and, as such, the group is open to every fully paid up member of ADIANS. The term UAS stands for Unmanned Autonomous Systems and, therefore, includes all air, ground, and marine vehicles and devices. Autonomous Systems come in all shapes and sizes and operate in all mediums. They range from free-drifting blimps and static surveillance devices to sub-sonic jet powered craft and missile seekers. Growth in the UAS sector in recent years has been phenomenal, encompassing a broad range of important and high value activities. Nova Scotia, within an Atlantic context and through the support of ADIANS, fully understands this opportunity and is positioning the province and the region to advantage our companies.

The UAS sector is currently a multi-billion dollar global industry. Huge amounts of human and financial resources continue to be funnelled into research and development. Every major aerospace and defence company, and a legion of minor league players and newcomers, are now directly or indirectly involved in doing significant work in the field, one that is expected to continue to grow at an exponential rate during the next decade. The ADIANS UAS Committee is aligning with national activities, forming partnerships with companies abroad, and leveraging specific Nova Scotian technological and geographic advantages in such a way as to create growth opportunities for our companies and for research and commercialisation initiatives.


The aim of the Committee is to promote the development and commercialisation of autonomous devices, systems, and associated enabling technologies within the Atlantic Provinces.


  1. Provide a dynamic working forum and establish a local network for UAS related initiatives.
  2. Promote strategic partnerships and technical and commercial alliances between members.
  3. Create business opportunities for companies associated with this industry sub-sector.
  4. Advocate Atlantic UAS capability and expertise.
  5. Provide UAS specific information and guidance to the Atlantic aerospace industry.
  6. Expand ADIANS membership by attracting companies not normally considered A&D.
  7. Expand activities by forging links with other UAS agencies and organisations.
  8. Liaise with Provincial, Federal, and international governments and their agencies to promote Nova Scotia as a UAS technology hub and to enhance our research and development and innovation performance in this important sub-sector.
  9. Become a gathering point and a promotional vehicle for companies with capabilities and technologies that align with this activity.