ADIANS encourages the expansion of Nova Scotia's vibrant aerospace, defence and security industry through the identification of development and promotional opportunities. ADIANS facilitates internal business linkages in addition to those with government, agencies and the larger aerospace and defence companies seeking suppliers, partners and collaborators. Beyond the $1 Billion net direct impact of military spending in the Province, the strong industry base in aerospace, defence and related sectors generates sales in excess of half a billion dollars in revenues each year. The diversified highly skilled workforce employs 6,000 persons. The combined value of ADIANS members' annual sales with Department of National Defence (DND) expenditures represents almost 7% of the provincial GDP. Nova Scotia's aerospace and defence industry has a reputation for quality that resonates globally.

Incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 1995, ADIANS pursues competitiveness enhancement initiatives - supplier development, industry certification and continued efforts on export development and high quality professional development events for its companies. The memberships' progressive and innovative capabilities are reflected in the following primary clusters - sophisticated and certified IT services for command and control, embedded systems, commercial applications and real-time applications, advanced composites fabrication and manufacturing, autonomous systems R&D, aerostructures, highly engineered niche products and depot level inspection and repair for maintenance repair and overhaul.

The balance of member companies is comprised of small and medium firms offering a varied range of products and services and innovative technologies. ADIANS incorporates a focus on emerging areas like marine security, ocean and space technologies and unmanned autonomous systems to create a cluster of advanced technology companies that align with Nova Scotia's interest in driving a stronger innovation culture. This creates an edge for the Industry in attracting investment utilizing increased collaboration with university research, development and commercialization initiatives.

The Association assists its members to expand and position themselves internationally to access both military and commercial markets through access to government programs and promoting ITB programme opportunities and to develop industrial partnerships and lasting relationships. Given the focus on innovation, manpower, research and development and increased productivity, the Nova Scotia Aerospace and Defence sector, will continue to meet the challenges which are critical to building the economy and advancing the growth of its firms.

ADIANS Members 2015:

  1. 3M Canada
  2. A

  3. ACOA - Nova Scotia
  4. Advanced Precision
  5. Allendale Electronics
  6. Allswater Marine
  7. Alscott Air Systems
  8. Armament Technology
  9. Aspin Kemp & Associates
  10. Atlantic Hardchrome
  11. Avalon Marine
  12. B

  13. Babcock Canada
  14. BAE Systems Canada
  15. Black Rock Tidal Power
  16. Bluedrop Performance Learning
  17. Bradean's Tool & Die
  18. C

  19. CAE Professional Services (Canada)
  20. Canada Direct Trading
  21. Canadian Maritime Engineering (CME)
  22. CarteNav Solutions
  23. Centre-Arch
  24. CFN Consultants (Atlantic)
  25. Compusult
  26. Cox & Palmer
  27. D

  28. Dalhousie University Office of Industry Liaison and Innovation
  29. DBCan
  30. DCNS Canada
  31. Deep Vision
  32. Defence R&D Canada-Atlantic
  33. DEFSEC Atlantic
  34. Deloitte
  35. Department Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
  36. Dingbot
  37. DLT Specialty Valve & Controls
  38. DRS Pivotal Power
  39. E

  40. Encanex
  41. Enginuity
  42. EP HVAC
  43. EY Canada
  44. F

  45. Fleetway
  46. Fraser & Hoyt
  47. G

  48. GasTOPS
  49. General Dynamics Canada
  50. GeoSpectrum Technologies
  51. Global Affairs Canada
  52. Gough Technology Group
  53. Grant Thornton
  54. Greater Halifax Partnership
  55. Group ATN Consulting Inc.
  56. H

  57. Halifax International Airport Authority
  58. Hawboldt Industries
  59. I

  60. IH Mathers
  61. IMP Group - Aerospace Division
  62. J

  63. JASCO Research
  64. JouBeh Technologies
  65. L

  66. L-3 Communications Electronic Systems
  67. Lamda Guard
  68. Land & Sea Instrumentation
  69. Lockheed Martin Canada
  70. M

  71. MAN Diesel & Turbo Canada
  72. McInnes Cooper
  73. MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates (MDA)
  74. MetOcean Data Systems
  75. Mil-Aero Electronics Atlantic
  76. MJM Energy
  77. Mobile Valve
  78. Modest Tree Media
  79. Moog
  80. N

  81. Nautel
  82. Nova Communications
  83. Nova Scotia Business Inc.
  84. NRC-IRAP
  85. NSCC - Akerley Campus
  86. O

  87. Ocean Sonics
  88. Omnitech
  89. OMT Canada
  90. P

  91. Partner International
  92. PCI Contracting Canada
  93. Pratt & Whitney Canada
  94. Precise Design Engineering
  95. Pro-Oceanus Systems
  96. Q

  97. QRA
  98. R

  99. Rolls-Royce
  100. Romor Ocean Solutions
  101. Rosborough Boats
  102. S

  103. Saab International Canada
  104. Sea-Bird Scientific
  105. Shake-it Communications
  106. Spar Marine
  107. Springboard Atlantic
  108. STELIA North America
  109. Stevens Solution and Design
  110. Survival Systems Training
  111. T

  112. Tecno Pro Canada
  113. Techtronics Machine Works
  114. Thales Canada
  115. U

  116. Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems
  117. V

  118. Valcom Consulting
  119. Valley Associates Integrated Systems
  120. Vemco
  121. Vista Care Communications
  122. Y

  123. Yarmouth International Airport